The best pastime is laying on your back and doing nothing. Especially in summers and winters. Rubbing your belly adds to the relaxing effect. Gazing at your belly button requires some effort which you will feel in the neck unless you have a washboard abdomen that allows you to gaze at your belly button effortlessly – so, it’s up to you if you want to add belly button gazing to the activity of doing nothing.

Whether you lay on your bed or couch and relax your gaze at the back of your eyelids or the ceiling, or lay on the grass outside and contemplate the sky above whether it’s blue or not and whether there are stars in the night sky or not, the effect on the mind is just the same.

In Indian culture, on the most noble end of the spectrum, the belly button reminds you of Lord Brahma’s from which Goddess Saraswati was born, and on the sleazy end reminds you of the sari-clad women dancing and singing in Bollywood movies showing their waist and belly button and more.

I feel belly button awareness exists at a very subconscious level. My nephew loves sleeping with one foot on the belly button of whoever favorite adult he is lying next to. When he was a baby, he used to make you think he is kicking you in the belly when in fact he is trying to find your belly button so he can rest his heel on it. My friend’s adopted daughter when she was a little baby used to sometimes say while gazing at her own belly button that she wants to send food to her biological mom because she gave her away in the first place because she didn’t have food to eat.

Analysis of the bacteria in one’s belly button reveals thousands of varieties of bacteria from which you can tell all the places you have ever been. Belly button gazing accomplishes exactly that – takes you on a tour of all the places you have been emotionally! Happy Belly Button Gazing!