If mice could roar
And elephants soar
And trees grow up in the sky;
If tigers could dine
On biscuits and wine,
And the fattest of men could fly!
If pebbles could sing
And bells never ring
And teachers were lost in the post;
If a tortoise could run
And losses be won,
And bullies be buttered on toast;
If a song brought a shower,
And a gun grew a flower,
This world would be nicer than most!

This is one of my most favorite poems and I couldn’t help remembering it this weekend. The week that just passed had been awful. The week began with killings of black men by white police officers in Louisiana and Minnesota and ended with killing of white police officers by snipers who were black men, right here at home in Dallas! If everyone doesn’t reevaluate his or her own biases and learn what they can do to reduce hatred, intolerance and xenophobia in our communities, events like these have the potential to lead to even worse events.

I insist that guns should not be so freely accessible. Mice are not going to roar. Elephants are not going to soar. Tigers are not going to dine on biscuits and wine. Guns don’t grow flowers. How much ever I share Ruskin Bond’s wish in his beautiful verse!