If you have grown up eating Amul butter, you know what I am talking about. If you have seen an Amul butter ad and did not smile, chances are I am not going to become friends with you anytime soon! It’s that hard not to smile at those ads, even if you don’t agree with the message!!

“Brexfast it! Amul won’t exit bread” How can you not smile at the ad when the Brexit vote itself leaves you feeling somewhat depressed at the state of the world? How is this one – “Dono Bradman? Aus-ome Taste”! Another one – “Less Harm fuel – Amul You can’t ‘lead’ it be”…When Clint Eastwood got the Oscar – “North South Eastwood West – Amul “Makes my Day””. Or a more recent one – “Slice 007 Fall” – you recognize this, don’t you? When the Indian cricket team lost the world cup – “Hard luck boys. Come home to something soft. Amul – A licking you’ll love”. You will enjoy their ads more if your ‘Hinglish’ is good – here is an example: “Indus waali civilization – Amul – Dig This” when a team of archeologists found something dating back to Indus valley civilization. Check out more at http://www.amul.com/m/amul-hits

For those of you not familiar with Amul, it’s an Indian dairy cooperative that was formed in 1946. More on Amul at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amul. The company is known to have an excellent free-spirited work environment that fosters the creation of topical and humorous ads like this. I got one for them. Amul-ya Butter. Better on Bread.

(P.S. Amulya means precious in Hindi)

PS- Reposted from a different blog site that is discontinued in August 2016. This was originally written in June 2016.